Our corporate social responsibility

At Oyat, we are fully aware of the challenges of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) towards our clients, our employees and, more generally, towards the society.

As a brand-new firm, we place innovation and the promotion of sustainable development at the heart of our values and expertise. We believe that our responsibility is to further our reflection on CSR issues that require ongoing improvement of our practices.

Our commitment to CSR is part of our DNA. We have incorporated it into our approach since day one. It is based on four pillars:

Social issues

Because we wish to positively contribute to the development of society, we are a responsible firm. We intend to contribute to creating a virtuous, stimulating and sustainable working environment for all of our talents. In particular, we are implementing the following actions:

  • Rely on the diversity of backgrounds and career paths among our employees and trainees;
  • Participate in the promotion of the role of women in the legal profession and business, and ensure that the constraints of men and women related to parenthood are truly considered;
  • To ensure continuous quality training for our employees, in particular by organizing training seminars within the firm;
  • To share our knowledge and expertise by encouraging the involvement of our employees in training activities (within universities and schools, towards our clients, etc.).
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Controlling and reducing our environmental footprint is an essential issue that is at the heart of our responsible entrepreneurial approach. We wish to be part of a virtuous approach in order to avoid or at least reduce the environmental damage that could result from our activities, notably through the following actions:

  • A policy which consists of reducing single-use plastics (elimination of plastic bottles, cups and straws);
  • Promote the use of recycled and recyclable supplies;
  • Limit our production of waste, in particular by reducing the use of paper which is the most used consumable in a law firm (no personal printer, use of more economical common machines, print black and white double-page and double-sided copies as far as possible);
  • A green and sustainable mobility policy, aiming at promoting soft and responsible modes of transportation, in particular the train;
  • Encourage teleworking and the use of videoconferencing systems for meetings;
  • Separate waste to move towards a more sustainable waste management method (recovering and recycling used ink cartridges and paper, etc.).

Environmental Transition

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«Pro Bono» work

As part of a solidarity-based approach built on respect for the essential values of our profession, and in order to promote equal access to law and justice, we wish to use our skills to work for the benefit of general interest initiatives by encouraging the involvement of our employees in Pro Bono work, and by giving them the time necessary to do so.

As part of our Pro Bono commitment, we are pleased to support Bouée d’espoir and La Compagnie Marine, an association we recommend our visitors to discover by clicking below.

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All of the firm’s lawyers have been alerted and have implemented procedures to tackle the challenges of fighting corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing.

Thanks to a team dedicated to personal data law, the firm has also immediately complied with data protection regulations in particular Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”) into its practices. Beyond the firm’s professional obligations, particular attention is devoted to the respect of confidentiality. The firm has chosen to appoint a Data Protection Officer (“DPO”), who can be reached at dpo@oyat.law.


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