Oyat avocats Paris - Corporate, M&A

Corporate / M&A

Oyat avocats Paris - Corporate, M&A

Our team regularly assists its clients (including multinationals, SMEs, listed and non-listed companies and investment funds) in their exceptional and strategic transactions : acquisitions/sales of corporate rights, stake, carve out, establishment of partnerships, joint ventures, etc.

We also regularly assist those same clients regarding the completion of their corporate finance transactions (capital increase/decrease, issues of complex securities, equity compensation tools, etc.), restructuring transactions (merger, split, conversion, partial contribution of assets) or regarding their daily legal follow-up (secretariat, annual general meeting, legal and regulatory monitoring etc.).

Our scope of intervention covers all business law areas.

Our extensive knowledge of the stakeholders involved in this kind of transactions, our full understanding of issues and practices upon which their completion depends, as well as the opportunity for you of relying, at any time, on the support of the firm’s other experts and our network of experts, whether in France or abroad, will be the key assets for the success of your project.

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