Oyat avocats Paris - Corporate Venture

Corporate Venture

Oyat avocats Paris - Corporate Venture

Our team regularly assists its clients (multinationals, large companies and leading industrial players, etc.) as part of equity and quasi-equity stakes, whether minority or majority, in the share capital of young innovative companies.

We also regularly assist these same young companies as part of the negotiation of the terms and conditions contributing to the entry of those players into their share capital – whether they are public or private, competitors or not – but also under contracts to be concluded in order to implement the synergies needed for the success of this kind of transactions.

In addition to the financial aspects resulting from any private equity transaction, our extensive knowledge of the main issues leading to their completion (search for innovation, the opening of new markets, securing a strategic position, sharing of skills, etc.), as well as the opportunity for you to rely, at any time, on the support of the firm’s other experts (notably in digital/IP and public business law) to promote, highlight and protect the benefits of these synergies will be the key assets for the success of your project.

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