Oyat avocats Paris - Données personnelles, données publiques


Oyat avocats Paris - Données personnelles, données publiques

Data invades our daily lives, collected in broad daylight or hidden in improbable processing. French and European regulations seek to protect citizens and the management of personal data, but it is often seen by companies as a differentiation tool.

Data, whether personal or not, is a valuable asset and while the governance of this data is complicated, it is an economic and ethical issue, as citizens and consumers are no longer prepared to have their private lives exploited without their approval (or even their knowledge).

The team follows all the evolutions linked to the new uses and regulations and manages with rigour and pragmatism all the related matters, whether it is to improve the trust of employees towards their companies the confidence of clients towards their service providers. The Oyat team is the privileged advisor that helps define the strategy for the legal exploitation of the data collected and closely supports the DPOs to ensure the compliance of processing, both for routine personal data and for those subject to special regimes such as health data.

Because personal data issues are by nature international, the Oyat team works with numerous partner firms around the world to offer its clients a global response, including:

  • Audit and implementation of compliance programmes
  • Impact analysis
  • Audit of data flows and drafting of data transfer clauses or agreements, implementation of BCR
  • Negotiation of data processing agreements with our clients’ service providers or partners
  • Implementation of governance rules, privacy policy, codes of conduct, access and information procedures, cookie management
  • Crisis management in the event of a security breach
  • Implementation of internal alert systems
  • Assistance in the context of CNIL inspections
  • Training in compliance with regulations

In addition to issues related to personal data, the Oyat team manages on a daily basis, alongside the public business law team, all issues related to public data, whether it is to identify the data to be disseminated or to draft open data policies.

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