Oyat avocats Paris - Informatique, télécom, innovations

IT, telecom and innovation

Oyat avocats Paris - Informatique, télécom, innovations

For 30 years our team has been following all the French and European regulations relating to digital activities – the vital heart of today’s businesses -, thus enabling us to have a global vision and solid knowledge to respond to the challenges that our clients cope with. Technologies are increasingly intertwined and we have chosen to cover all segments of digital activities, such as:

  • IT projects
  • implementation of electronic communication infrastructures and networks, mobile or satellite networks,
  • dematerialisation of transactions, security of transactions
  • growth of robotics and development of artificial intelligence
  • the rapid development of drones for supervision or exploitation purposes for certain activities
  • development of blockchain, NFTs, bitcoin, a lot of which is becoming more and more important for connected cars, smart cities and other developments where digital technology is paramount.

We also deal with e-commerce projects and cross-cutting issues related to the use of personal data.

Thanks to our broad oversight, the team’s lawyers have a pragmatic, cross-disciplinary approach and are better able to anticipate new issues that arise in a world where the law is constantly evolving.

Passionate about our work, as well as strong skills in contract law, and able to adapt to the changes attached to this field of law, the Oyat team has all the qualities needed to- assist its clients in:

  • drafting and negotiating the most complex contracts,
  • monitoring transformation projects,
  • defending our clients’ rights in expert appraisals or before the courts.

Because synergy between teams is part of Oyat’s DNA, because the law is constantly evolving and because our clients expect customised teams dedicated to their projects, we know how to meet these needs.

For instance, we work alongside the public business law team on open data projects, on public procurement, on major mobility projects or on legal work specific to the development of digital activities.

We work alongside the corporate law team to help preserve, we help preserve the value of the developed intangible assets, by protecting creations through appropriate filings, but also by fitting them them in suitable structures to promote their exploitation and marketing (set up of suitable JVs, for example).

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