Création Oyat avocats Paris
11.04.2022 - Press release

Driven by an entrepreneurial passion, Oyat is an independent and pioneer law firm, and launches its visual identity and its website

Création Oyat avocats Paris

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Oyat’s identity, as reflected by its brand new website, is based on a set of values shared by all the members of the firm and its partners: determination and ambition, commitment and enthusiasm, open-mindedness and the ability to provide tailor-made and global solutions.

Thus, in accordance with the firm’s basic principles, Oyat’s identity has been built around the notion of connection, network and sharing.

The logo is a metaphor for the way Oyat is organized around a project (rhizome symbolism). The letters Y and A in the center represent a connector. The typography is seamlessly built to reflect the simplicity of the established relationships. It is the starting point for the entire visual system, which is both controlled (geometric shapes) and in motion (curves). In a world in “transition”, Oyat has chosen to be the privileged support of its clients, to advise them in their important projects and to assist them, as closely as possible, in their development strategy.

Finally, the notion of complementarity is expressed in a strong way: a deep green and a smart blue that come to life together, an iconography that highlights views from different angles. Oyat’s identity conveys an agile state of mind that puts the spirit of initiative and the collective intelligence of its talented lawyers at the service of its clients and the project.

Last but not least, the choice of the name Oyat is not a coincidence. This perennial plant that strengthens the dunes thanks to its root system refers to the firm’s own philosophy: for each of its clients, Oyat relies on a strong team to provide a concrete, sustainable and the most innovative response, which perfectly complies with the website and its innovative and committed visual identity.

The visual identity and the website were created by the Curius agency.